Sunday, September 28, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Dorothy definitely said it best... There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME. After six long days and five long nights we were reunited with our sweet girl. I didnt think my mom and chris were going to hand her over! This morning we woke up to her sitting up in the bed! She has been sitting up for a long time now but not putting herself in the sitting position all by herself. I almost fell out of the bed I was so shocked! She also is trying to pull up on everything. It is crazy how much you miss in a short week! We had a great time in Mexico but missing her was excruciating. I am so glad to be back. We are all exhausted so more to come later. For now I am going to spend some precious time with her before its time to head back to work in the a.m. I hope everyone has a great Sunday.