Friday, September 12, 2008

Messy Marvin

Yesterday was a day of discovery for little Georgey Poo. She picked up her juice cup and took a drink all by herself. Now, mind you she can hold her own bottle and she can hold her juice cup as well but this is the first time she has ever just picked it up and went to town! I was so proud! Also, shortly after that incident she pulled herself up on her knees while holding onto the highchair then tried to stand up. Now she never made it off her knees but it was not for lack of trying!!! She is so awesome!!! She is also really digging all these new fruits and dinner dishes she is getting to try. She really liked the chicken and apples and she had banana berry for dessert last night. She LOVED it!!! I still think the guava is her favorite with pineapple pear running a close second. She has turned her nose up at the chicken vegetable and turkey rice. I guess she has decided that those just won't do. I am so glad its Friday and I get two glorious days to spend with her. She isn't going to school today but is staying home to play with her while I hit the road. Hope everyone has a great Friday and an even greater weekend. Sorry to all who are disappointed about the Texas game. :-(