Saturday, August 30, 2008

Little Pig Little Pig

Dear Georgey:

The reason for this letter baby girl is that I need you to know that today is game day. Game day in any other house is perhaps not such a big deal but your daddy is a freak and it is a very big deal here. When we wake up on game day from now until the rest of your life (or at least as long as you live here) you will have to get your game face on from the time your little feet hit the floor. Now, also important to note, if we lose the not speak to daddy, do not look at daddy... just ignore him. Most certainly never use the term "It's just one game or it will be ok". Big Mistake. After almost 11 years with your dad, take it from me, it is best to just leave him alone. He acts like a big ole' baby when things don't go his way. But also remember sweet girl that there is no better time to ask for something you might want after we have won a big game. Daddy will be in such a great mood, a guaranteed yes is in order! Heed Mommy's advice Little Pig and you will be just fine. Love and Kisses!