Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home Again Home Again

We are so tired here at the Pierce house. We got home around 1030 last night after many delays and many mishaps. G peed in her stroller and I had to carry her little hiney all through the Georgia airport. (This was after she pooed all over herself on our way out the door and we had to change clothes, get a bath, etc.) Then we got delayed....then she pooed on the plane and screamed like a wild banshee when we were landing bc her little ears hurt so bad. She flung her head around like a crazy person and wouldn't take her bottle or her pacifier. GOOD TIMES. Not to mention the philandering pastor from Hamburg we sat next to on the flight. He called his girlfriend then the wife (with a four week old baby at home)...it was an experience. Im quite sure Ive never wanted to hit a stranger so badly in my life. Natalie came and picked us up and poor girl she got a tearful and riled up new mom at the end of her rope. I don't know how people travel with more than one child. Its hard work! But alas...we are home and my little pickle is sleeping soundly tonight. I have a feeling her mommy will as well.


Tenille Rauls said...

Girl...I feel your pain. It does get better...Our first time I got the stomach virus mid-flight on a like 12 seater plane from Abilene, TX to LR...not fun. Lexi was taken care of by the flight attendant..not kidding!