Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

"This child God gave us is so precious to me. She is his creation, fearfully and wonderfully made. He deserves all my praise. I hold her against my tummy and cannot believe she came from me. Although I tried, I could not imagine the magnificient work He was doing helping this lil tiny baby grow in my belly.

Her skin is the softest I have ever touched-her fingers and toes perfection. Her full head of hair swirls in a silly and wayward fashion. It must be pure silk spun by an angel. Her big eyes with great eyelashes, her little bird mouth, her tightly clenched fists-I am intrigued by every part of her. Even the smell of her newness thrills me. I could linger forever at the nape of her neck, praying that I will never forget her fresh fragrance. I am awestruck by His creation. I want to shout from the highest place in the highest voice, "My God is almighty, my God is miraculous." I hold her tightly, and I sing. I sing hymns. I sing lullabies. I just sing. I praise Him for this child who has come and filled a place in my heart-a mommy place that was there all along and waiting on her.
I feel keenly aware that my life will never be the same. Yet I wouldnt go back for all the treasure in the world. How did I ever live without her? Thanks be to God for the magnificent gift of our sweet baby."