Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Well, it was definitely a day. Last night I could tell her tummy was hurting and she woke up today reeling with it. She screamed and screamed and screamed some more. The rice cereal is surely the evil culprit. I should have known with all the tummy issues we had with her in the beginning via the formula that her little digestive system couldn't handle it...but they don't teach you these things in school so we are flying by the seat of our pants here. I tried prune juice (she wouldn't take it, but hey can you blame her?) Jonathon even tried his always successful belly rub. After a few hours I called her Nana and begged her to please come help...I couldn't give my baby a suppository. I just couldn't do it. She came to our rescue and then the little pickle princess finally took a nap, but in true Georgia fashion she slept for a whole 15 minutes. I wanted my daddy to be able to play with her and get happy smiley Georgia. Poor guy. He got here around 8 this morning and it was scream-a-poolaza all day long. We were going to have lunch at 11:00 bc Jonathon had to go to work at 12:00 but we never made it out the door. We improvised and had take-out from Cracker Barell. This afternoon she seemed to be feeling lots better and by the evening she was back to her almost usual self. I got a pic of her and her Papa right after she woke up so she wasn't upset and I snagged a couple of her and Jonathon when he got home from work. No cereal for her today or tomorrow or the next day. We may try oatmeal eventually but we are going to stick to the organic vegetables and fruits for now. We will work it out together, we made it through the first 12 weeks, we can make it through anything. All in all it wasn't the best day but we stayed afloat and I am so blessed I got to spend mine with people I love.

*Jonathon is over my shoulder telling me G is going to be so embarrassed when she is 16 and one of her friends finds this and reads it. So, Georgey if you're reading this I'm sorry and I love you big as the sky. XOXO