Saturday, May 10, 2008

Your Day in Amity

Georgia Grace- Today we went to Amity! You had so much fun with Aunt Greta and Uncle Tony. You loved riding on the mule and rolling around in the floor. Compared to our house their living floor is like a gymnasium and you just went from one end to the other. Aunt Greta cooked us dinner (u didn't get to eat any, u had to have formula) and we took Granny some Happy Mothers Day flowers to the cemetery. Mimi had so much fun with you this weekend too. What a great few days we have had. Love you and can't wait to see you on that mule again! We left just in time to beat the storms and headed home. You were so pooped out you went right to bed and didnt even have your night night bottle. We will have to do that more often :-) XOXO


Anonymous said...


We had such a fun day in Amity with my brother and aunt Greta. The food was great and it was so much fun watching how much our family enjoys this precious baby girl. Can't wait until the next time which is very soon. Love All XOXO