Monday, April 14, 2008

Party at my crib!!!

Pretty Girl-All your friends came over to play tonight and you had so much fun!!! Bella couldn't come bc she had company at her house but Chloe and Jax came to see you!!! You were such a good baby and Aunt Wendy, Aunt Kristy, and Aunt Alicia were so glad to see you. I put you down for bed and you dropped your pacifier and actually managed to get it back in your mouth all by yourself!! Aunt Kristy and I cheered like you had just made the winning shot of the NBA finals. You will roll over any day now, you are almost there. Yesterday you held your bottle all by yourself for a whole five seconds. You are growing up so fast and I know that I am going to miss these days so much! Slow down sister, I am not ready for you to grow up just yet. Love you bunches and bunches. Night Night.