Monday, April 21, 2008


This weekend was crazy busy and full of milestones. Georgia and Bella went to their first birthday party together. It was Greyson's 2 year bday at the park! On Saturday night Georgia rolled over for the first time. Jonathon and I had been watching her all evening try so hard and we were playing with her in the crib and she just rolled right on over. It was very exciting and she looked so shocked once she actually got there. Now that shes done it, every time you put her on her back she goes to work, it makes me laugh :-). Once she is on her stomach she is mad and wants back on her back. We also had our first outing to Target together on Sunday. She did great. We ventured out to get some cereal and a bumbo seat. She is 4 months old today and if the doctor gives us the go ahead at our visit she will get to have some this evening! I'm not sure what she thinks about her seat yet...I think it might take some getting used to. Yesterday other than the trip to target (I guess my girl loves shopping) was a pretty fussy day. I'm hoping for a much better one today :-) We will see how she does after she gets her shots. XOXO